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Way back in the day, I used to be something of a “fashionista.” I’d been an international model for David Salomon, been in the Mrs. America pageant, stuff like that. I liked to be stylish. But time marched on, I had six kids, hit my 40’s and realistically, maintaining a high-fashion sense of style became a lesser priority – but I still liked it. Then something eye-opening happened which put stylishness back within my grasp.

Without realizing it, I’d begun this habit of taking my glasses off in order to read fine print. I’ve been nearsighted since I was a little girl, but with this new development it was hard to see close up with my distance corrective lenses. So I gradually stopped wearing my contact lenses. (After all, sliding a contact lens off my eyeball to read something just didn’t seem feasible.)  Believe it or not, none of this even bothered me, it happened so gradually I didn’t notice the impact. I just wore my glasses instead of contacts and I pipped off my glasses to read something.

One day I happened to be wearing my contact lenses while I was driving my husband’s car. The glare from the sun caused me to reach for a pair of his sunglasses…and it was an eye opening experience. Aside from cutting down the glare, and shading my eyes, I realized I could see the dashboard and everything else – with crystal clarity. Well what do you know?  Turns out, he had a pair of Bifocal Reading Sunglasses. I went around wearing those glasses EVERYWHERE. Indoors, outdoors, day or night – even to church. (It was getting ridiculous.) But I REALLY loved seeing things easily again. Eventually, I got my eyes examined and got my own new, progressive, no line prescription glasses. But when I wear contacts, I still want to be able to see EVERYTHING.

This is where Womens designer reading glasses from Peepers come in handy. And since, there’s no such thing as too many reading glasses, it makes sense to stock up on a few of the ones on sale here: Sale items that need to go to make way for new glasses. Huge savings.

These glasses are pretty. Nice. They don’t look like drugstore reading glasses. Plus at Peepers Specs, there are frequent sales where you can take an extra percent off, and shipping is always free on orders over $42. Right now you can save an extra 20% the whole site. Including the sale/clearance items.

So learn a little tidbit for women of a certain age about seeing again – and how to look good in the process. No need to look like a “little old lady” just because you want to read. Try Peepers Specs today, while the automatic coupon still works!

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