How I became a Hockey Fan

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On January 20, 2015, I made a very important decision. You see, after failing to make up my mind for my entire life, I finally chose a hockey team that would be my favorite.

This would be the team I would route for.

The team I would be a fan of.


And Ever.


According to my husband Daniel, once you pick a sports team, you are supposed to remain a loyal fan for life. Evidently there’s some kind of unwritten code that states that you should stick with your chosen team – through thick and thin. Good times and bad. Wins and losses. No matter whether you originally chose that team when you were just a 5-year-old, because the name was easy-to-rhyme. (Mets, Jets, Nets, anyone?)  Unless your team moves to a distant city does something unthinkable, (such as trading Babe Ruth, or benching Tim Tebow) a die-hard fan is supposed to support the team.

(Don’t laugh, with that kind of pressure, it’s easy to see why I put off finding the right team for over 40 years. It was something of a commitment, really.)

I ultimately chose my team for logical, scientific and vain reasons:
1. Geographic proximity (so I could see live games)
2. Team colors that match my HS & College colors & flatter me.
3. A roster with a several talented, inspiring players.

I chose the Washington Capitals as my team. And the Detroit Red Wings as my secondary team. (In other words, I always route for the Caps to win, over any other team. But I route for the Red Wings in every game that they play – unless they’re playing the Caps.)

Capiche? Good.

After all, the Capitals play in DC, which is easy to get to from anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard. Their colors are red. (And if I must say so myself, I do look pretty good in red.) The motto “ROCK THE RED” suits me. Plus they have Ovechkin and Ward, both of whom are good players who are easy to like.

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Anyhow, yesterday was the Seventh Game in the playoffs between the Washington Capitals and the New York Islanders. Of course I’d hoped my team would do well this season, but I hadn’t actually planned for them to get this far. Which meant that if my beloved Washington Capitals actually won the game, I’d have ABSOLUTELY NO fan gear to demonstrate to the world that I too have won. (Since I am their fan, when they win I am allowed to take some measure of the credit…another unwritten rule.)  Since I hadn’t ordered any fangear, I wouldn’t be able to post pictures of myself all decked out, rockin’ the red on Instagram or Facebook – because I didn’t actually have any. And that was a crying shame.

So before the game, I decided to take my kids to a local ice skating rink, sort of like an impromptu field trip. They had a blast, practiced their skating, turning and going backwards. Naturally I documented the ice skating trip with video and took pictures. (This serves as proof that anything I have to say about ice hockey is backed up with dedication, and first-hand understanding, see?)

And wouldn’t you know it? Turns out the Caps wound up winning Game 7 in the playoff series! (Is it coincidence that they won the day I took my kids ice skating – or is it confirmation that I made a *supremely excellent* hockey team choice?) Consequently, to further bask in the glory of my Washington Capitals most amazing victory, I decided I’d write this blog post about “fan-dom” – and I also ordered this sweatshirt, which is already on it’s way to me. (It’s on deep discount, and coupon code FREESHIP provides free shipping .)

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(Can’t wait until it comes…should be two days.) But even if you aren’t a hockey fan, Fanatics offers Jerseys, t-shirts, hats, jackets, key chains, sweats and everything for every sport I know of. Baseball, basketball, Football, NASCAR, soccer, The Olympics…everything. Take a look around and check out the sales and deals on things you can get for the sports fans in your life. (Or for yourself, like I did.)

However, as cool as I’m going to look in my sweatshirt, my favorite deal was this: Practically Free Twist Up Crayons

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Washington Capitals 8-Pack Twist Crayon

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Seventh Generation vs Cascades Moka Bathroom Tissue

Cascades(R) Moka(TM) 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, 400 Sheets Per Roll, Case Of 80 RollsHEAD TO HEAD COMPARISON

Given my druthers, I prefer to keep natural, organic, sustainable, dye-free, unbleached products in our home. All my life I sought to follow the Biblical mandate to “tend and care for” our God-given environment. But I took it even more seriously once we had kids. Reducing overall toxicity certainly couldn’t hurt anything, right?

Eventually my fascination with keeping things natural and organic went beyond food and using natural detergents. I ordered 48 rolls of Seventh Generation Natural Unbleached bathroom tissue on Amazon for $45. I have to admit, when they first arrived, my kids were taken aback at the sight of tan toilet paper.


But they quickly got used to seeing the natural-colored, chic rolls in our bathroom. The only problem was that it seemed like we were forever running out. I was constantly having to reorder more, change the rolls on the spool, plus this natural toilet paper just wasn’t cheap. 91 cents per roll (at least.) And that’s for just 400 sheets per roll.

So I started looking for a way to get it in bulk – and hopefully get it cheaper too. That’s when I discovered that Office Depot offers Cascades Moka toilet paper in a case of 80  – for LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE of the Seventh Generation unbleached! That sounded great, but I had to wonder “Will it be as good quality?” (Because who wants to wind up stuck with 80 rolls of toilet paper that they might not like?) But since the Cascade Moka was on sale + an extra 25% discount + free next-day shipping – at a price like that, I decided to give it a try.  I’m so glad I did! I even decided to write the review I wished was out there when I was making up my mind.

You see, I’m pretty straightforward in terms of what I expect from toilet paper. I want it to be soft, strong, have ABSOLUTELY NO LINT, I don’t want it to run out too fast, and it needs to be septic friendly.  Although I love the idea of “luxury toilet paper” I cannot abide that paper that’s so thick and heavy that it winds up clogging the toilet. (Remember, I have have six kids, and there’s always SOMEONE who will use too much.) The last thing I need is to have something as simple as toilet paper making more work for me around the house. I don’t plunge toilets or vacuum up lint piles from the floor when I don’t have to. All I wanted was perfectly serviceable, non-running out, natural looking, earth-friendly and soft, toilet paper – that we could actually afford. Is that too much to ask? Preferably for like 40 cents per roll?

Evidently it’s not! The last place I would’ve thought to look to solve this problem was in an office supply store, but indeed, Office Depot is the place to go on this. I ordered Cascades Moka 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, 400 Sheets Per Roll, Case Of 80 Rolls, and it was absolutely perfect – and so much more affordable than the Seventh Generation toilet paper. In fact, no one in my family could tell the difference between the two.  The upsides to Cascades Moka from Office Depot are:
1. It came THE VERY NEXT DAY after I ordered it. Seriously.
2. And that was with free shipping!
3. It’s on sale Right now, Office Depot is running an EXTRA 25% off your order deal.
4. You can pay with Paypal if you don’t feel like getting up to find your wallet.
5. This saves 60% off the price of Seventh Generation. The shipping is faster and cheaper which means Cascade Mako is just flat out better than Seventh Generation toilet paper.

Now you know how you can go green (or tan in this case) while saving money.

Cascades(R) Moka(TM) 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, 400 Sheets Per Roll, Case Of 80 Rolls


**Disclosure, when you order through my links, you’ll get the deals I described and we’ll get credit for referring you.**