How Banana Republic Saved my Presentation

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It was one of those times when push had come to shove.
The rubber had met the road.
We were in the eleventh hour.
It was a time that tried (wo)men’s souls.

I had NOTHING to wear. 
(Seriously…I had nothing.)

You see, for the first time ever, I was going to be one of the featured speakers at my industry’s largest trade convention. It was Affiliate Summit East. There would be record attendance, meetings filled with colleagues, business contacts, prospective merchants and everyone in the industry that I know professionally. I was delivering a presentation on work/life family balance. Obviously I needed to make a good impression.

The only problem was I discovered I had gotten a bit too curvy to fit in the business suit I had planned to wear for my presentation. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I could still get it on alright…except my legs looked like squeezed sausages – and the buttons on the jacket were under so much pressure that it was safer for anyone within eye shot if I left it unbuttoned…thus revealing a blouse that had mysteriously become so overly form-fitting, it practically called out: “Vavoom, hubba-hubba!” (Obviously, that wouldn’t do.)

I was leaving for New York City within a few days, and I needed something professional and appropriate, and I needed it pronto. If I knew then what I know now, what I would’ve done was order three different sizes of the same dress online from Banana Republic. Who knew I could’ve saved myself so much aggravation (not to mention gasoline and miles on my van) if I’d just gotten a dress from here? The Factory Store

It turns out, it’s far more affordable than I ever imagined to dress like a woman of means. I’d had the impression that Banana Republic clothes cost a fortune, and they sure look like they do, however in reality, with a good sale or sticking to the factory store or their clearance section – even my seriously frugal, “Mom of six” budget can afford their clothes.

Plus, there’s Free shipping on orders over $50
And free returns and exchanges by mail

(Those details will prove to be important.)

Affiliate Summit East - Banana Republic Dress
Sabrina presentng at Affiliate Summit East in an affordable Banana Republic dress

This is me at the podium at Affiliate Summit East in that beautiful, Banana Republic dress that I got off their clearance rack for $37.50. The reason I should’ve just ordered online instead of driving to the mall, looking for a parking spot, trying on dresses etc, is because it would’ve been easier, faster and cheaper to just browse through their online selection of dresses on sale, and order three of the same style dresses. One in the size *I thought* I needed, then one size larger and one smaller – just in case. Then FOR FREE I could’ve had them shipped directly to the hotel. And it wouldn’t have cost me a dime to send back the two sizes that didn’t fit. Just put them back in the box they were shipped in, stick on their return label and sent it back. Plus I would’ve had a greater selection of dresses to choose from by shopping online.

Shopping online at Banana Republic saves time, energy and money. And it made me look good at Affiliate Summit, no matter what kind of curves I was sporting. You can too!

Find the Ideal Dress at And Meet Me at Affiliate Summit East 2015 this year!