April Fools Day – Without Lies

April fools day breakfast
Fake Sunny Side Up Eggs Prank


Every year, I try to have some kind of a good prank for my family. Something surprising, unexpected, yet humorous. Last year, I set an elaborate table for breakfast using our wedding China, my best tablecloth and fancy goblets, but when the kids came down to eat, the only food on each plate was a garden salad, – at 8:00 am in the morning. My oldest started out by asking what was the special occasion, then incredulously kept repeating “Mom, it’s just salad! This is just salad!”  When I whispered, “April Fools” (He burst out laughing!)  But there are a few restrictions. Some basic ground rules we observe. There main one is this:

1. No lies. Telling a lie and calling it a joke is no laughing matter. (Furthermore, lies don’t mesh with the faith that we profess.) That was a difficult concept for one of my kids in particular. He thought April Fools day should be something like: “Tell-lies, insult-people, and get out of all consequences-with-the-phrase-APRIL-FOOLS-day!”

I’m afraid not.

There’s a lot we can learn about getting along with God and other people from the 10-commandments. As a result of our trying to set a good example and  refraining from breaking the 8th commandment, and we’ve had to get pretty creative over the years. Coins crazy-glued onto the pavement. An old “Lilo & Stitch toy” popping out of the mailbox. Googly eyes in the pantry and yogurt/peach halves sunny side up eggs.

Our friends know that we try to surprise our kids on April Fools day and they send in suggestions prior to the big day – so we don’t have to come up with ideas on our own. It’s become a nice tradition.

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to encourage you to have some fun today. But just don’t tell any lies. (You can do better than that – plus I’m sure God wants you to!)