Gloss Jewelry Coupon: 80% off + Free Shipping & Gift Wrap

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10th

Gloss Jewelry-80-off
How I got $217 worth of Jewelry – for $43, with free shipping & free gift packaging!

Whether you’re looking to get something for your own Mom, or you happen to be a Mom with loved ones who are wondering: “What should we get her?”  Here’s a deal that is beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Imagine getting really nice handmade jewelry, practically free.

I’m serious.

Gloss Jewelry is offering their jewelry on such a steep sale that even a child can afford it. (Through April 30th when you use our exclusive coupon code.) In case you aren’t familiar with Gloss Jewelry, they offer gorgeous, hand-crafted jewelry – and with the coupon code GLOSS80FREE every piece of jewelry on their website is under $12. Even without a coupon code, it’s fairly affordable. But how many kids (or adults on a tight budget for that matter) have extra money to spend?

It’s perfect timing that EVERYTHING on the Gloss Jewelry website is 80% off (with our coupon code) comes with free Priority Mail Shipping, and free black velvet gift pouches or sheer gift packaging! I’ve gotten several pieces of jewelry from them (that’s a picture of my Gloss Jewelry at the top of this article) and believe me, this is nice, solid, high-quality, nickel-free, impressive jewelry. (The kind you find in upscale department stores or specialty boutiques.) For example, the “Got the Look” bracelet which is regularly $9 is in the picture below.

But from now until April 30th, with our coupon code, you can get this bracelet for $1.80 with free priority mail shipping in a black velvet gift pouch – sent anywhere in the United States!

Got The Look Bracelet – $1.80

with coupon: GLOSS80FREE

And there are so many other beautiful necklaces, earrings, charms, bracelets to choose from. I just ordered a boatload of jewelry from Gloss Jewelry for my Mom for Mother’s Day using this coupon code. And I’m just about dying to show you everything I got her –  but since my mother reads my blog, I suppose I’ll just have to restrain myself. So I just encourage you to look at their site and check out this jewelry yourself.

VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL: Be sure to enter coupon code GLOSS80FREE to drop the price of EVERYTHING by 80% – plus get the free shipping.

(Sneak Peek, Swarovski Crystal Bracelet for my Mom)

Lastly, I encourage you to order as many pieces of jewelry right now as you think you’re going to want. Because quite frankly, at prices like these, with Mother’s Day coming up, you don’t want to risk having items sell out before you get around to placing your order!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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