Welcome Back to Sabrina O’Malone’s blog!

Would you believe that I inadvertently didn’t have a blog? (Um…for nearly a year?) But a few minutes ago, when I went to upload an absolutely killer post, (if I must say so myself) I discovered that my old blog was gone. Completely gone. So there I was, all by myself… with nothing but blank pages. I instantly surmised I’d need to set up a whole new blog – and it would behoove me to do it rather quickly.

Totally from scratch.

And here it is.

(Guess that’s what I get for not using WordPress in the first place, and for deprioritizing the old blog for such a long time.)

<Positive self-talk and attempts to put a good spin on this follow>

Time for a fresh start! smile emoticon
I get to learn new things! smile emoticon
Create with the skills and knowledge I have today! smile emoticon
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